About Us

I am an abstract and impressionist painter and sculptor located in Uccello Art Studios in Campbellville, Ontario. Having lived in Toronto, England and New York, I was inspired and raised around the creative influence of both my parents who were professional artists on the international scene. As one of the artists minds in my family I went on to receive a  diploma from  Central Tech  for fine arts Toronto,  and hot glass from Sheridan College. My artistic practice is a response to colours, vibrational energies, nature, geometry, the cosmos and the unknown reality. I have created a lifestyle surrounding my work thriving on the strength and connections to family and friends, the beauty  and harmony of the natural world and energetic forces that underpin our reality.  Through my work I hope to invoke a connection for my viewers while representing the truest version of myself. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at allyciauccello@artcamp.ca